Gyn. ultrasound / breast ultrasound

Many women are familiar with the use of ultrasound examination during their pregnancy. However this effective and proven method is not limited to this area and has many further uses within the field of gynecology. Vaginal ultrasound allows tissue structures of the uterus (e.g. fibroids and polyps), the fallopian tubes (e.g. extra uterine pregnancies) and the ovaries (e.g. cysts and other tumours) to be examined – accurately, painlessly and free from any risks. We use sonography in our practice for cancer screening, diagnosis of cysts, tumours, endometriosis, early and ectopic pregnancy.

Along with the mammography, the breast ultrasound is an important imaging technique to examine the breast and is used to diagnose lumps, swellings, nipple secretions, infections and malignant lesions. The advantages of this technique is the use on younger women, whose comparatively dense breast tissue can lead to less accurate results in a mammography. Since the use of ultrasound is free from radiation it is an excellent diagnostic method for breast diseases during pregnancy and the period of breast feeding.